Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In Name Only

You know what I'm really sick of? I'm sick of these politions that are democrats in name only.

YOu know who I mean? I mean guys like Lieberman and ANY democrat who voted to confirm Alieto. They are disgraces. They really should either become the republicans they really are or independents. We in the democratic party need progressive people with progressive ideas and Lieberman blindly supports Bush.

I see where Cindy Shehan wants to run against Diane Feinstein. Good I say because we need people with free thought and Feinstein is not one of them.

I'm quite sick of people like Joe Lieberman and it's time they finally say who and what they really are and that is republicans. They are not democrats.


Robert E Wilson said...

Funny how I don't see Bush and Schwarzeneggar as true Republicans. At higher levels, most politicians feel the need to "centralize" so they stray from the true ideals of their parties.

Erik said...

Obviously Robert you didn't really pay attention to Arnie's special election and the propositions which were all geared to Republican ideas

Robert E Wilson said...

That's somewhat true, but he's been kissing up to the education industry since.