Tuesday, October 25, 2005

box office slump

One of the things I keep hearing from my conservative friends is the reason why box offices are in a slump is because movies are too liberal. I've talked to a few friends of mine who say that.

Problem is not the fact the movies are liberal or conservative the problem is there really haven't been movies worth seeing. I mean let's take a look. For me, if I goto a movie myself or with friends, I pay about $10 for admission, $3 for popcorn, $3 for a soda (if I want them) and for $16 bucks I see a movie. If I pay that much I expect to be entertained and not put to sleep.

The big thing lately has been turning old tv shows and video games into movies and that hasn't been working. Hollywood needs to succeed by coming up with original ideas. Otherwise the slump will continue.


Robert E Wilson said...

Movies today are liberal but I agree that this has nothing to do with the slump. You are correct, most films today are remakes and reworks of tired old ideas. We need some fresh ideas.

As far as my liberal comment is concerned, attack away. I have an upcoming article on my own blog that will discuss this issue.

Erik said...

Robert it's like this. You gave two examples of tv shows which are liberal. I will not dispute the west wing and commander and chief are liberal. But here is my only comment. We have a conservative media (look at my archives for proof of that) and you know since the rest of society is too conservative liberals to need a fallback. That's my only comment.