Monday, October 17, 2005

Rich Lowry

Since the topic of the media was brought up I'd like to talk about Rich Lowry's column in today's daily news. He is stating "schools can't fully educate without the Bible" and "the bible is being chased out of school."

Now no one is chasing bibles away from schools at least that I am aware of. However what is scary regarding this is the fact that what he is giving the obvious hint about intelligent design and how that needs to be taught in science instead of religious studies.

The right wing is getting rediculous with this. I truly believe in evolution. The right is cramming religion down our throats and not all religions just christianity. That's what I'm having a huge problem with especially being jewish myself. And just so you know I would not want my religion ONLY as the spoken word because there are other views. Islam,Buddah among many others but the right wing only wants to promote christianity as I said. I really think that's what the problem.

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