Saturday, October 15, 2005

Do you remember

Does anyone remember when Ken Starr spent $60 million or so dollars of taxpayer money to investigate a land deal where then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton lost money in and instead of having indictments about that found out that President Clinton had an affair and President Clinton had impeachment hearing about that affair? Remember how very few people bashed Starr for it?? Remember all we heard was how horrible President Clinton was. That's all I remember hearing for the 8 years he was President.

Here we are today, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is under indictment for Money Laundering and other funds and instead of being quiet all I hear from the right is how unfair it is, Earle should be in jail (as Pat Buchanan said) DeLay isn't being treated fairly and all the BS. You see that's what makes me sick how their hollier then thou attitude republicans have and how above the law they feel they are and when one is caught it's "liberalism" and "the liberal media being unfair" and you know they are the most corrupt party out there. Take a look right now in Frist,DeLay,Rove,Libby (who know who else) and these are the leaders of the republican party

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