Monday, October 31, 2005



Nice to see how the party of ethics responds to the indictment of Scooter Libby. Cheney promotes two people, David S. Addington as his new Chief of Staff and John P. Hannah as the Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs, both are implicated in the leak. Here is the proof:

Line 13 of the indictment

13. Shortly after publication of the article in The New Republic, LIBBY spoke by telephone with his then Principal Deputy and discussed the article. That official asked LIBBY whether information about Wilson’s trip could be shared with the press to rebut the allegations that the Vice President had sent Wilson. LIBBY responded that there would be complications at the CIA in disclosing that information publicly, and that he could not discuss the matter on a non-secure telephone line.

More proof in line 18.

18. Also on or about July 8, 2003, LIBBY met with the Counsel to the Vice President in an anteroom outside the Vice President’s Office. During their brief conversation, LIBBY asked the Counsel to the Vice President, in sum and substance, what paperwork there would be at the CIA if an employee’s spouse undertook an overseas trip.

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