Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mission Accomplished

As I watch soldiers die day after day I am taken back to a time about 2 1/2 years ago. Bush, at great taxpayer expense, had a pilot fly him to an aircraft carrier and proudly state after keeping soldiers an extra day from their families "the major combat in Iraq is over" then in the background a big flier stating "mission accomplished" but you know the public never really got to know what the mission is did it?? Bush continues to change his story for the United States to go alone in an illegal war. Bush has completely forgot about Bin Laden(although if we are lucky he is one of the casulties in the huge quake in Pakastan although I wish he was the only one).

In fact as I stated in my last post the only thing I feel that was accomplished is the fact the Bush likes to scare us by raising the alert level when it's pollitically convenient for him. Like he did last year with the election.

The facts in this are not disbutable. He can only cry wolf so many times before it's going to catch up with him. And these alert levels aren't really going to stop an attack if one wants to attack a city they will. Period.

The war on terror is going really well isn't it?

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