Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration Reform

So the Senate Judiciary Committee Passed an Immigration Reform package and now it goes to the Senate Floor. I have a couple of suggesstions.

1) Enforce the current laws on the books

2) Fine heavily businesses and just everyday people who hire illegal immigrats

3) Any illegal immigrant who is in jail deport immediately.

Just my ideas.


Robert E Wilson said...

Motion seconded.

One more. Dismantle the welfare system. This is one of the major incentives for illegal immigration.

Erik said...

Problem with that Robert is there are people who do need it. If it's overhalled it would hurt them as well.

Erik said...

If it would only hurt illegals I wouldn't mind it however you know it won't

Robert E Wilson said...

Welfare hurts more people than it helps. Importantly, it hurts those who work and do the right thing. It is slowly turning the United States into a second-rate nation. It is completely unconstitutional. It will be a bane on the United States until it is abolished.