Monday, March 20, 2006


Sunday I posted the names of the soldiers fallen in the Iraq War. I received two annonymous posts from two people who seemed angry at me for posting the names and starting how I feel the war in Iraq is illegal. One of them claiming that he or she had his or her best friend was over there and another claiming he or she lost his or her son in Iraq. I say claiming because since they are anonymous posts I can't confirm or deny anything they said.

What interested me the most about their posts is in the first post they claim I was trying to portray myself as a saint which is something I know I'm not. If you have seen my previous posts you know I have demons like everyone else. The other, who claimed he or she lost their son in Iraq and said I should take his name off the list of soldiers, I mean, if you don't leave your name even if I wanted to take your sons name off the list how could I? And by the way I won't anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen I've said before I don't claim to be perfect. I never will. But just because I'm not perfect and just because I am against the war doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to do what I feel is best on this site to honor the soldiers who are bravely in Iraq fighting this. To me I just want to make sure they are not forgotten. You may agree with me on this or not. Last I checked we still have that right.

However whenever I leave posts on any website I always leave my name and I back up what I say and believe. That's a fact.

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