Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A New War

We have a new war on our hands ladies and gentlemen.

Remember the pathetic right-wing media led "war on Christmas" now it has morphed. That's right we now have a war on Christianity.

I really don't know where to begin on this. First off Christianity was the reason Hitler killed tens of thousands of Jewish people in WW2. The two biggest hate groups in the United States are Christian-based which are the KKK and there is still a Nazi movement.

I mean if they claim (which is what is said in the article) the Christians are being persecuted in this country (nevermind they don't mention by who) I would ask them if they had a member of their family held in Nazi Germany. That's persecution.

We are taking a dangerous step toward a one-religion nation. Add religious freedoms to things that are being eroded.


Robert E Wilson said...

"Christianity was the reason Hitler killed tens of thousands of Jewish people in WW2

No, power and economics were the reason. Telling people that it was the will of God was a way of getting his followers to go through with it.

Al Queda attacked the United States for power and economics. Telling people that it was the will of Allah was a way of getting their followers to go through with it.

Robert E Wilson said...

Actually, most of the Jews were killed before World War II.

Erik said...

Actually they were killed for the only reason of being Jewish. Hitler felt they were inferior. I don't believe you are defending that.

Robert E Wilson said...

Jews were a convenient scapegoat for which to blame Germany's terrible economic problems. Jews were segregated and generally, much wealthier than the rest of the German population. Because of this, they propagated much hatred from their neighbors.

In these circumstances, people justify evil doings by falling back on religion. History, both long past and recent, is filled with such justifications.

Erik said...

Mainly done in some form of Christianity. We can take a look as far back as the crusades and as recent as the current war in Iraq.

Robert E Wilson said...

That's a skewed version of history.

Romans tortured and killed Christians.

Jews slaughtered Philistines for occupying their land.

Muslims have all sorts of history of violence against other religions.

Over the centuries, Japan has repeatedly tried to conquer China in the name of Shintoism (I forget what it was called then). Even the attack of Pearl Harbor was done under the name of religion. Kamikaze pilots, much like today's suicide bombers, killed themselves in battle in the faith that they would be rewarded in the afterlife.

Hinduism also has a history filled with violence.

I think the only religion not historically violent is Buddhism, which, many argue is not a religion, but a philosophy.

It's not just Christianity.

Erik said...

Yes every religion has violence but that's not the purpose of this post. It's about the Christian religion claiming how they are being persecuted.

Robert E Wilson said...

Yes, but our discussion, at least up to now, has been concerning Hitler and Christianity.

Erik said...

And the point being Hitler hated Jewish people just because of their faith

Robert E Wilson said...

No. He did it to win the hearts and minds of the German people, who hated the Jews for their wealth.