Friday, September 30, 2005


I love guys like Bill O'Reilly. I really do. They get so pissed off when someone or something disagrees with their view I think sometimes they will have a heart attack right live on the air.

For instance, a judge yesterday ordered photos of the abuse at Guantanamo Bay released so the public, you know normal everyday people, can view them. So O'Reilly and his friends are so upset about it their faces turn red.

I guess they feel that we don't have a right to know what's going on even though we know the people there are being tortured to get information (clear violation of the Geneva Convention) and they feel anyone who attempts to get something called the truth aids terrorists(O'Reilly has said that many times regarding this).

Remember we have the right to truth. We have the right to know what our leaders and soldiers are doing. That is the only way a fair opinion can be formed. I know that there are those who supports this and there are those who are against this but we need all the information availible so we, as a people, can judge.

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