Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I see Brownie is testifying in front of the Senate placing all blame on the democratic mayor of New Orleans and the Democratic Governor of Louisiana and while I agree they had pour planning ahead of the storm he failed to mention Bush's responsibility (or lack thereof). The cutting of the funds to the levee repairs, failure to send in the national guard(who is stretched thin due to the war in Iraq) if blame is placed it should be all around and not just in one party.


Robert E Wilson said...

At least give some credit where it's due. The republican senator is asking the tough questions. Earlier, you stated skepticism in how "fair" this would be. The senate is being pretty rough on Brown with their line of questioning.

Erik said...

yeah that was one but I will have a post after work where Brown just downright purgered himself

Erik said...

And if that was a fair hearing I'd like to know what a biased hearing. Louisiana senator was the only one not softballing him